Vacation Bible School 2017


Thank you to every one of the faithful Vacation Bible School team who contributed to the success of Mighty Fortress this August. We wel- comed twenty princesses, princes, knights, a queen, a duke and a hound to the Peace Lutheran castle for Mighty Fortress VBS.

We opened each day with praise songs, our bible point, a theme video and a puppet skit with tour guide Stephanie and Hubert the Hound played by Isabella C. It was lovely to have Erich play the piano so we could expand our music repertoire this year. After worship, the camp- ers set off with their crew leaders – Megan, Stephanie, Jocy and Sami – to explore Festival Craft with Josie and Anny; Tournament Games with Isabella C, Scott and Ethan; Great Hall Snacks with Heddi and Janet; Stronghold Storytelling with Joan and Sarah B and Victory Village (bible memory verse and music) with Pastor Ronnie, Carol and Pastor Hilla. Never a dull moment.

As we had introduced a full-day format, we had lunch and playtime outside. It was great to see the camp- ers enjoying the hula hoops, chalk, skipping ropes, bubbles, croquet, soccer balls. All the pedestrians who use our parking lot as a short-cut seemed pleased to see the children playing too. It was an unexpected op- portunity for us to meet the neighbours – including Kilo a cross German Shepherd / Bullmastiff who thank- fully was on the other side of the fence and very well trained.

Each afternoon we offered electives including Sewing with Shirley and Janet; Art & Craft with Megan and Sarah B; Soccer with Jocy and Ethan; Drama with Sami; Board Games with Scott and Isabella C and Self- defense with Stephanie W and Sabine. Sami did a fabulous job with team-building games/cheers to draw everyone back together between electives. We concluded each day with another worship time of praise songs and a wrap-up puppet play and theme video. During the closing worship on Friday our drama team presented the skit they had created. It was lovely to have all the families come to watch and worship with us.

Of course, there were many helpers behind the scenes as we advertised, set-up, registered campers, fixed issues that cropped up and pitched in to help with activities where needed – Wayne, Gene, Gary, Denyse, Sonja, Rosie and Stephanie N.
Thank you also to everyone who helped clean and tidy the prop and supply cupboards before VBS and who donated supplies or props for us to use.


VBS Needle Craft sample 1