The Olive Branch for Children

About The Olive Branch for Children

The Olive Branch for Children was founded in 2005 by Deborah McCracken and registered in Canada in 2006 and Tanzania in 2008. The main objective of the Olive Branch for Children is to help remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs that target the most vulnerable.
This ministry to orphans of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania was first brought to the attention of our congregation in 2006 when its founder, Deborah McCracken, was invited to speak at a service. This provided us with an opportunity to support her in fulfilling God’s call in her life and expanding our ministry in the world through both financial and prayer support. Since that time our congregation has answered the opportunity and the challenge to support this ministry. We are blessed with the sponsorship of two amazing young girls, Mlombwa and her little sister Laudi! Our efforts have also led to the construction of a second HIV home, which will provide a home for 6 more children when completed. The support of our
congregation has been recognized in the naming of this new home – the Peace/HIV home. It is also our goal to nurture a greater awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its implications and repercussions for all of us throughout the world, and especially for those of us who are part of the Christian Church.
Peace Lutheran Church is committed to continue our sponsorship of these two extraordinary girls. Mlombwa and Laudi trust us to keep them at the Zion/HIV or Peace/HIV Home, a place of home and community where love and care, medicine and resources are making such a positive difference in their lives. Let us be open and responsive to the call of the Holy Spirit in our lives and answer the prayers of these children.