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A message from the Health Cabinet

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are not daunted by our white world today but are enjoying the opportunity of having a white northern Christmas.

At our last Health Cabinet Meeting, we discussed raising the intentionality of prayer and prayer life.  We look forward to an inspirational gathering of intercessors, led by Pastor Ronnie in February, and before that happens, we wanted to introduce a new element into the intercessor ministry of Peace.

We are inviting the committees and groups of Peace to add prayers to the prayer list for any venture, ministry, or members they feel would benefit from a body of intentional prayer, lifted to the Ultimate Healer.  We see this as a spiritual deepening of awareness of the workings of our congregation committees as well as a call to the Lord who is within all works.

Last February, during our Intercessors’ seminar, Pastor Lowell reminded us that God created us as creatures of speech, fears, and appeals, and our language of prayerful appeal is pleasing to Him.  That we communicate from a human perspective when He knows all and is in all is not a shortcoming, but a fulfillment of His crafting of our bodies and natures.  In all appeal in the name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour, are we pleasing to God Almighty.  In the tradition of Paul, we pray without ceasing.  This is the essence of the intercessor ministry, which Pastor Lowell also described as the fine beating heart of a congregation.

For this reason, the Health Cabinet finds it appropriate to encourage prayer for church works as well as individuals.  Please meditate and pray about this in your committee life, and if it so moves you, please contact Lisa Forrester with specific prayers for specific situations.

Yours respectfully for the Health Cabinet,

Elizabeth Johns